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Digital Pathology

AI-powered multimodal multiphoton imaging for medical applications


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The identification of biomarkers using multimodal multiphoton imaging has rapidly spread throughout biomedical research in the past few years. Combining different imaging modalities delivers orthogonal information, enhances imaging depth, and saves time.

Our vision is to develop a turn-key, modular and highly compact multimodal imaging platform with advanced AI integration to create virtual H&E stainings of unlabelled 2D and 3D tissue. Histological visualizations play an essential role in clinical surgery and diagnostics. State of the art processes are both: labor intensive and contribute to creating significant delays in clinical feedback.

AI-based virtual H&E staining not only saves time for sample preparation and staining but also digitalize and save the data within one workflow. Furthermore, one will not be longer limited to 2D tissue sections, but also have the functionality for 3D deep tissue imaging and to detect label-free pathogenic biosignatures like collagen.

Prospective’s Histoflow device is an AI-powered multimodal imaging platform that could be used in clinical diagnostics to bring digital and virtual histological imaging into reality.

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