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Multiphoton Microscopes

The MPX-series is the world‘s first truly turn-key multimodal multiphoton microscope. Its modern and highly integrated design allows every user to begin imaging within minutes – no worries about optical alignment, software installation or other time-consuming steps faced with operating other units.


Multi-wavelength, turn-key & 24/7 operation – our FSX-series laser system offers extended possibilities.

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Digital Pathology

Histopathology is the diagnosis and study of diseases of the tissues, and involves examining tissues and/or cells under a microscope. Histopathologists are responsible for making tissue diagnoses and helping clinicians manage a patient’s care.

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There are many benefits in taking advantage of this service: you can come by, visit our facility and scan the samples together with our scientists. We are flexible. Another option would be to send us your samples for characterization.

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Broad range of application


Our goal is it to address multiple areas of interests in the field of life science with only one device.


The broad field of clinical diagnostics and research is highly complex and poses many challenges in microscopy.


Multiphoton microscopy has greatly improved understanding of neuronal pathways and brain activity.



What our customers are saying

For my research I focus on how progenitor cells self-organize in the zebrafish liver. For that 3D imaging of the whole organ and ideally the whole animal model is crucial to understand the complex interrelationships between individual organs during development

Dr. Sara CavigliaUniversity of Zurich

Multiphoton imaging with the MPX allows us to image our 3D tissue-engineered constructs. Here, we could image a cell-seeded nanoscribed 3D-printed lung tissue scaffold of 300 x 300 x 300 µm. The high penetration depth combined with the intrinsic confocal features of multiphoton microscopy makes it a suitable tool for us to image our samples

Dr. Stefanie SudhopCANTER lab, Munich

Using the MPX multiphoton setup we could easily image spheroids up to 200 µm without clearing methods. Sample transfer was very straightforward and correspondence with the team of PI highly satisfactory

Dr. Christine HeinzleVIVIT, Dornbirn

With 3D cell culture experiments comes the challenge of 3D imaging. The MPX system enables us to visualize the cells in a 3D hydrogel. The MPX enables z-stack imaging with high resolution which is a requirement for the analysis of 3D traction force microscopy

Stefan StöberlLMU Munich

For me multiphoton imaging with the MPX was a great opportunity to create 3D z-stacks of the whole drosophila brain without any need of slicing or clearing procedures. This allows me to analyze neuronal tracking within the brain in 3D

Dr. Tongchao Li

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